October 6, 2022

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Player Rating: 81/100danlt;/td> Number of Plays: 104,364 Release Date: Mar 7, situs slot online terpercaya 2022

Get rich or die mining! Idle your way through the mines, unearth treasures, and discover what great mysteries lie in the depths below!

HTML, situs slot online Mouse Only, Adventure, Clicker, Miningdanlt;/p>” data-new=”0″ data-parent-id=”19230″ href=”//armorgames.com/mrmine-game/19230?fp=ng” title=” Mr.Mine”>


Player Rating: 30/100 Number of Plays: 6,707 Release Date: Mar 16, 2022

Gobo and the Desert of Cubes is a side-scrolling 2D puzzle platformer. Your goal is to help Gobo reach the exit door and escape the Desert. Along the way you will interact with monsters to activate or deactivate boxes on the level, which are used as a platform or an obstacle.

Puzzle-Skill, HTML, Keyboard Only, Cute, Puzzle Platformer

” data-new=”1″ data-parent-id=”19240″ href=”//armorgames.com/gobo-desert-of-cubes-game/19240?fp=ng” title=” Gobo Desert of Cubes”>

Gobo Desert of Cubes307K

Puzzle Platformerdanlt;tr>

Player Rating: 65/100danlt;/td> Number of Plays: 34,918 Release Date: Mar 12, 2022

Idle Monkeylogy is a clicker-idle game that is based on The infinite monkey theorem in which a monkey infinitely types the keyboard randomly to complete Shakespeare’s work.

HTML, Mouse Only, Upgrade, Animal, Idledanlt;/p>” data-new=”0″ data-parent-id=”19161″ href=”//armorgames.com/idle-monkeylogy-game/19161?fp=ng” title=” Idle Monkeylogy”>


Player Rating: 70/100danlt;/td> Number of Plays: 16,430 Release Date: Mar 10, 2022

A small puzzle game where you push furniture to decorate and expand your house.

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Push your furniture to the correct positions!


– Sorry for the slow loading due to save files.

– Mobile works with swipe but to restart you have to refresh the halaman.

Art by LimeZu

Music by Final Gate Studios and davidoreilly

Puzzle-Skill, Puzzle, HTML, Keyboard Only

” data-new=”0″ data-parent-id=”19235″ href=”//armorgames.com/house-pusher-game/19235?fp=ng” title=” House Pusher”>


Player Rating: Pending Number of Plays: 10,999 Release Date: Mar 8, 2022danlt;/td>

Final chapter, brand new challenges! Look around, find clues, use objects and solve puzzles to win this escape room game. For additional features please download for mobile!

Puzzle-Skill, HTML, Mouse Only, Adventure, Point & Click, Mystery

” data-new=”0″ data-parent-id=”19237″ href=”//armorgames.com/laqueus-escape-chapter-vi-game/19237?fp=ng” title=” Laqueus Escape – Chapter VI.”>

Laqueus Escape – Chapter VI.11K


Player Rating: 90/100danlt;/td> Number of Plays: 24,653 Release Date: Mar 3, 2022

Deep within a dense forest rest the last remnants of a fearsome demon, sealed in a cave since ancient times. In fact, the demon has been trapped there for so long, its spirit has been greatly weakened. It is up to our heroes, with the help of professor Fargleton and his strange equipment, to break the powerful seal and vanquish the demon for good.

HTML, Adventure, Keyboard Only, Mysterydanlt;/p>” data-new=”0″ data-parent-id=”19234″ href=”//armorgames.com/cursed-travels-a-forgotten-seal-game/19234?fp=ng” title=” Cursed Travels: A Forgotten Seal”>

Cursed Travels: A Forgotten Seal9025K


Player Rating: 73/100 Number of Plays: 21,820 Release Date: Feb 24, 2022

Fluctuoid (noun.) a thing that changes size

Shrink and grow to make your way through the maze

Puzzle platforming that emphasises flow, discovery and a unique, laid back experience

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Puzzle-Skill, HTML, Keyboard Only, Minimalism, Puzzle Platformer, Mazedanlt;/p>” data-new=”0″ data-parent-id=”19226″ href=”//armorgames.com/fluctuoid-game/19226?fp=ng” title=” FLUCTUOID”>

Puzzle Platformerdanlt;tr>

Player Rating: 86/100danlt;/td> Number of Plays: 29,052danlt;/td> Release Date: Feb 22, 2022

After uncovering a regicidal prophecy, the old Mage must leverage the power of mind/body dualism to cross dimensions, posses the bodies of others and ultimately foil the assassination plot on the King to whom he serves.

-Switch Bodies with NPC to reach the door

-Solve various puzzles to save your King

-Use new abilities like Double Jump or Wall Jump

-Discover the prophecy that will endanger your King

Puzzle-Skill, HTML, Platform, Puzzle Platformer, Game Jamsdanlt;/p>” data-new=”0″ data-parent-id=”19233″ href=”//armorgames.com/the-mage-game/19233?fp=ng” title=” The Mage”>

Puzzle Platformerdanlt;tr>

Player Rating: 66/100danlt;/td> Number of Plays: 17,398danlt;/td> Release Date: Feb 16, 2022

Snail Trail is a short puzzle game where you control two different colored snails. The goal is to have both snails reach their respective flag while getting around obstacles.

Puzzle, HTML, Keyboard Only, Animaldanlt;/p>” data-new=”0″ data-parent-id=”19222″ href=”//armorgames.com/snail-trail-game/19222?fp=ng” title=” Snail Trail”>


Player Rating: 68/100 Number of Plays: 22,958 Release Date: Feb 14, 2022

Fast-paced precision platformer with slashing and dashing!

HTML, Action, Platform, Keyboard Only, Speedrun

” data-new=”0″ data-parent-id=”19231″ href=”//armorgames.com/planet-d4rk-game/19231?fp=ng” title=” Planet situs slot online D4RK”>